Only graduates must be allowed in parliament – O.B Amoah

O B Amoah3 

Member of Parliament for Aburi/Nsawam O.B Amoah is pushing for Ghana’s parliament to peg its minimum entry requirement for fresh legislators at a First Degree.

According to him, the seemingly wholesale entry approach being practiced now affects the quality of the debate in the House.

Speaking to Nii Arday Clegg on the Morning Starr Tuesday, the former deputy sports minister said parliamentary work is delicate and requires a higher intellect to execute effectively.

“I think there should be a minimum qualification to enter parliament. The situation where everybody just enters is not too helpful. Parliamentary work is a serious business.

“Let’s start with a minimum First Degree irrespective of your background.

“It shouldn’t be that because one is popular in his area then he gets the opportunity to come to the House... that is why you see people getting into the house and then they start schooling,” he stated.

But his colleague Fritz Baffour who was also a guest on the show disagreed with the position.

In the view of the Ablekuma South MP, it is the responsibility of political parties to scrutinize the quality of the individuals they present to the electorates.

"I don’t believe that and I think it should be within the ambit of the political parties. A lot of people do not go through the mill. The political parties should be the ones to evaluate who should stand on their behalf. People like John Major didn’t have a first degree but they worked within the party structures.

"The selection process has been thrown to the woods and anybody can come in, and so long as he can pay he goes through," Baffour stated.

source: ghanaweb

Shareef O'Neal, Shaq's 6-7 son, working on his own legacy

Windward High School forward Shareef O'Neal in action against Jonesboro on Saturday at Rancho Mirage High School during the MaxPreps Holiday Classic. (Photo: Richard Lui/The Desert Sun)

Even to the teenage girls in the back hallways of Rancho Mirage High School Saturday afternoon, he’s a household name.
Well, his last name, anyway. Shareef O’Neal, son of future NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, still has work left to do to make even the casual basketball fan know him as more than just The Big Aristotle’s slightly shorter son. But he’s got the body, the pedigree and the time to do just that.
“I want to be able to do it all: shoot, bring the ball up, be in the post,” said the sophomore forward for the Windward Wildcats. “I know my dad has the same goal for me, too. He doesn’t want me to just be a guy in the post.”
Saturday in the first round of the MaxPreps Holiday Classic Open Division tournament, the Jonesboro Cardinals—the back-to-back defending Georgia AAAA state champs—kept O’Neal’s lanky frame at bay before cruising to a 67-49 victory.
Too often, Jonseboro sophomores Jamari Smith (6-foot-4) and Jamari Mosely (6-foot-6) managed to grab rebounds away from the outstretched finger tips of O’Neal. Sometimes O’Neal was completely out of position.
He only got on the board with two free throws in the final minute of the half—the first time he used his size to get to the line all afternoon. The pair of swishes sent the Wildcats into the locker room down 37-27.
“I don’t think we came out with the same intensity we usually do,” O’Neal said. “I could have brought more of my regular self into the game. I know we needed a lot more of that.”
The Cardinals’ sought-after swingman MJ Walker, the 6-foot-4 junior shooting guard, took over the third quarter, scoring the bulk of his game-high 25 points. Walker’s speed and shifty ball-handling skills allowed him to wiz by and around O’Neal in the paint, and his four 3-pointers allowed Jonesboro to pull away with a 56-35 lead after the third quarter.
At times, O’Neal showed an amazing resemblance to his father, whose storied NBA career includes four NBA titles, one league MVP, three NBA Finals MVP distinctions and two league scoring titles. His dunk with 5:08 left in the third quarter, sent echoes throughout the gym.
In fact, “Shareef” and “Shaquille” sound fairly similar as they’re sent booming through the speakers.
But the younger O’Neal prides himself in being everything his dad wasn’t, too.
“I do have a shot, unlike he does,” said Shareef after the game with a chuckle.
After three narrowly missed attempts earlier in the game, Shareef sunk a 3-pointer with just over two minutes left in the game with a stroke as smooth as anyone’s. He finished with 13 points, three rebounds, two assists and a block.
Shaq made just one 3-pointer during his 19 NBA seasons.
His son’s 4-of-5 free throw shooting was proof enough teams later this week and beyond won’t be employing a “hack-a-Shareef” technique any time soon.
Windward High School forward Shareef O'Neal in action against Jonesboro on Saturday at Rancho Mirage High School during the MaxPreps Holiday Classic. (Photo: Richard Lui/The Desert Sun)
Windward High School forward Shareef O’Neal in action against Jonesboro on Saturday at Rancho Mirage High School during the MaxPreps Holiday Classic. (Photo: Richard Lui/The Desert Sun)
The younger O’Neal said he’s tried to fashion his game after perennial NBA All-Star Kevin Durant and up-and-comer Anthony Davis after growing four inches over the past year. His confidence dribbling through the lane, shooting from beyond the arc and throwing down the occasional dunk prove it.
At the heart, O’Neal is still just a high school basketball player, not unlike the thousands flocking the Coachella Valley this week. Unlike the rest, he has a legacy that preceded him, one that kept some eyes glued to the entrance of the gym he was playing in, hoping his father might make an appearance.
That kind of pressure isn’t easy.
When his dad is able to come watch O’Neal in between his busy schedule on air with TNT, Shareef said he looks forward to the hugs from The Diesel himself, no matter what kind of game he has.
But Saturday, two high school-age girls greeted him, instead, asking for a picture. Shareef obliged, then walked of down the hallway.
“That was so cool. We may never see him again,” they whispered to each other.
But if The Little Aristotle matures and evolves like his father, look for him of a TV screen and in gyms much larger very soon.

source: usatoday

Police transfers 7 suspects with AK 47s to Accra

ISIS Suspects AK47 Gun 
The Ghana Police Service has transferred to Accra the seven people who were arrested in the Northern region with rifles including two AK 47s.

The seven were arrested at Dzanton Daboase near Salaga after residents raised an alarm over their activities.

The Northern regional police spokesperson ASP Ebenezer Tetteh said the suspects have been sent to Accra for further interrogation and prosecution.

They are expected to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

According to ASP Tetteh, the police is on the heels of one other suspect who is on the run.

“We are still pursuing him,” the public relations officer told Joy FM. “While we have taken the rest to Accra, we’re intensifying our search for him.”

According to Starr News reporter Alhaji Tanko, a laptop found in the room of one of the accused persons has videos of Taliban and other terrorism related sessions.

Tanko who had the opportunity to watch some of the videos said there was a blackboard in the room and with the inscriptions on the board, it is believed that is where the group use as their training sessions.

The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan.

ASP Tetteh said the suspects are currently in police custody and yet to be charged.


Jordan ranks strike against Newcastle one of his best

Jordan Ayew Sochaux Loan

Jordan Ayew has described his stunning finish for Aston Villa in the 1-1 draw with Newcastle on Saturday as one of his best goals ever.

The 24-year-old has clearly been Villa’s breakaway performer in recent weeks as they struggle to beat the drop in the Premier League.

Ayew rescued a point for Remi Garde’s side with a spectacular strike at St. James’ Park to draw praise from the manager and the entire sporting world.

The Ghana international admits the well-controlled strike on Saturday ranks amongst his best goals thus far in his career.

“I think that was one of my best goals,” the former Olympique Marseille man said after the game.

Ayew, who has now raised his tally to four, keeps getting let down by Villa’s poor defending.

They have not won a Premier League match since the opening day as they keep shipping in goals.

Ayew, however, during this period, has recovered from a difficult start since arriving from Lorient in the summer to be the biggest performer in the side.


TV3 Suspends Nana Aba

TV3 news anchor and presenter Nana Aba has been asked to stop appearing on all on-air programmes at the station until further notice.
The suspension was officially announced in a press statement on Saturday. The station said the decision was necessitated by the recent allegation of “online information theft” levelled against Nana Aba.
Signed by Chief Executive Officer of TV3, Mr Augustus Dickson, the statement said “after preliminary investigations internally, and in accordance with TV3’s own commitment to the highest level of professionalism, Management has decided to take Nana Aba Anamoah off air until further notice.
“As a broadcast network that prides itself in upholding high ethical standards and delivering credible and trustworthy content to its viewers, TV3 would like to assure viewers and other key stakeholders that it shall continue to take all necessary steps to maintain such standards.”
“We expect guardians of our brand, particularly employees who we entrust to deliver content on air to our viewers, to ascribe to the company’s values wherever they are,” it added.
This comes at a time Ms Anamoah has lost a dad and is still in a period of mourning.
She has since not made any official comment on the development and her phones were either switched off or out of coverage area when NEWS-ONE attempted to reach her at press time Sunday.
Persons close to her claimed she was traumatised by the development and that she did not expect the issue to have dragged this far.
Nana Aba has been trending heavily on the various social media platforms and even in main stream media after she put a photo on her Twitter wall depicting herself at the Old Trafford stadium where Manchester United recently played Sunderland in a Premier League game.
Not long after Nana Aba’s photo started generating comments, someone claimed ownership of the photo and even provided the original shot to prove that what the journalist had published onTwitter was a piece of  forged work in which she had super-imposed her photo on someone’s image.
In what appears to be a response and a defence of the photo she published, Nana Aba made public her ticket to the match to prove that indeed she was at Old Trafford.
However, social media comments and discussions on the development compelled Nana Aba to render an apology for publishing the photo, describing her action as a joke gone bad.
Public opinion is split on the announcement of her suspension on Saturday: while one group has accused Management of TV3 of killing an ant with a sledge hammer, another has opined that Nana Aba’s claim that the incident was a joke is an afterthought.


Pressure mounts on Mahama to declare assets

Graphic Prez Mahama

Intense pressure is being brought to bear on President Mahama to declare his assets, almost four years after taking the oath of office.

Leading the charge is civil society organization, the Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) and being given a lot of impetus by the Progressive People’s Party (PPP).

It comes in the wake of a declaration of assets by Nigeria’s current President, Muhammadu Buhari.

During a visit of President Buhari to Ghana early this week, President Mahama was quoted as saying, “The constitutional amendment we are moving is for those declared assets to be made available to the media through possible publication; and that’s being done to make it more transparent,” when they met at the presidential villa, Peduase Lodge, in the Eastern Region.

But in a statement, the PNF asked that the president should as “a matter of urgency and as a show of his commitment to fighting corruption in Ghana, publicly declare all his assets in accordance with the declaration of assets and disqualification Act 1998 (Act 550).”


The Act, among other things, states that “A person who holds a public office mentioned in Section 3 of this Act shall submit to the Auditor-General a written declaration of –(a) all properties or assets owned by him; and (b) all liabilities owed by him; whether directly or indirectly.”

It further provides that the declaration be made by the public officer “before taking office” and “at the end of every four years” and “at the end of the term of his office and shall in any event be submitted not later than 6 months of the occurrence of any of the events specified in this subsection.”

This is what prompted spokesman for PNF, Richard Nyamah, to issue a statement demanding as part of good governance practice and the fight against corruption, to “cause all his ministers, MPs and all other high office holders required under the Act to declare their assets without delay.”


That, he said, was because “corruption and graft are in our view, the leading cause of Ghana’s underdevelopment as public officers take office with the main objective of lining their pockets.”

Members of the PNF have since indicated their preparedness to participate in any and all activities that would lead to all presidential and parliamentary candidates in the 2016 elections to declare their assets upon filing their bids to lead this country, noting, “The fight against corruption started from the top.”

The PPP insists, “The public declaration of assets is not proscribed by any law currently enforceable in Ghana. It is permissible for the president and any other public official to publicly declare their assets to demonstrate commitment to the fight against corruption.”

Even though the president said during his interaction with the Nigerian leader that “Even in this current regime, any person who wants to challenge the assets declared by any public official is allowed to do so with a court order or a petition to CHRAJ to contest those declared assets; and the assets declared will be made available to that particular institution to investigate”, a statement signed by the National Secretary of the PPP, Kofi Asamoah-Siaw wondered, “How can we challenge the assets declared by a public official if we do not know who has filed the declaration or what has been filed?”


For the party, “The comment made by the president is to play the ostrich and seek refuge in the law in an attempt to renege on his commitment to promote good governance.”

That, it said, was because “The president is fully aware that the constitutional amendment process has been frozen and it will not be resurrected until his term expires in January, 2017;” and has therefore asked him to “demonstrate his commitment to public declaration of assets. We invite him to publish the names of all the public officials who have declared their assets and secondly, publish his own assets declaration form.”

Acting on the Constitutional Review Commission’s (CRC’s) recommendation that there should be a public declaration of assets regime with criminal sanctions for false declarations, the PPP said, “The president must take the lead to make this happen.”


6 vehicles crash on Tema motorway

Tema Motorway Accident1.jpeg
About six vehicles have been involved in an accident on the  Accra-Tema  motorway near the abattoir.

It is unclear what might have caused the accident but a motorist, Derek Laryea attributed it to “bad visibility,” as it was raining at the time.

According to him, the injured have been transferred to the hospital, but added that about 40 minutes after the accident, the Police had still not arrived at the scene.

The Accra-Tema Motorway has recorded several similar incidents in the past where victims have in some cases lost their lives.

On December, 25 2014, there was a fatal accident on the same stretch which resulted in the death of about two persons and left many others in a critical condition.

Robbery at Amanfrom again; manhunt for robbers

Citi Police1 620x330

Residents of Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra region have been attacked by armed robbers again.

The robbery occurred early this morning around 3 am.

Some residents who spoke to Citi News say the robbers attacked them with knives and guns.

The Amanfrom District Police Commander, ASP Quaye confirmed the incident to Citi News and added that the police are currently closing in on the robbers.

“I received calls of the robbery and I am currently moving in to ensure that we arrest them. We hear they are running towards the Great Lamptey Mills area. I understand the youth are also wielding cutlasses and looking for them,” he said.Some young men who are reportedly wielding cutlasses are also on a manhunt for the robbers.

An eyewitness who spoke to Citi News said the robbers physically bruised the hands of one of their victims with a cutlass.The area [Amanfrom] has been noted for robbery for the past few months.

The situation compelled the Accra Regional Police Commander DCOP Christian Tetteh-Yohuno to visit the area two weeks ago.

He mentioned after the visit that the poor nature of the road in the community hampered the work of the police and admonished the members of the community to contribute and construct a police post to facilitate their protection.

Last Friday, a 15 year old girl was stabbed and robbed at gunpoint at 5 in the morning when she was on her way to the market.

The latest robbery has shocked many residents due to the assurances of the police to protect them from the robbers.

source: ghanaweb.com;citifmonline

We're resuming duty with a heavy heart - Doctors

Nurses @ OPD

A senior member of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) Dr. Ernest Yorke has said doctors are resuming duty today with a heavy heart.

The doctors called off their three-week-old strike on Friday after pleas from the general public, chiefs and government.

The doctors are demanding codified conditions of service – a package they have been demanding for decades.

Ghana’s Employment and Labour Relations Minister, Haruna Iddrisu, is optimistic once negotiations are reopened today, Monday, August 24, per the directive of the National Labour Commission, a deal with the GMA is likely to be clinched by the end of October.

Speaking to Kafui Dey on the Morning Starr on Monday, Dr. Yorke, who is the President of the Greater Accra regional branch of the GMA, said they are returning to work out of the respect and compassion they have for their patients and Ghanaians.

“I must say that it is with a heavy heart that we have had to resume duty. We have listened to the general public and the many prominent institutions that have appealed to us.

“So this is the time for the NLC and the other bodies involved in the negotiation process to show their integrity and to prove to us that they are what they claim they are,” he stated.

source: ghanaweb.com

NADMO officer arrested


The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Coordinator for Ga East, David Dramani, has been arrested for allegedly stealing relief items meant for the June 3 disaster victims.

Starr News reported that Dramani was picked up by operatives of national security on Monday at his office.

Staff of NADMO at Ga East have also confirmed the development.

Dramani was picked up for allegedly stealing and selling the relief items. His arrest follows an investigation by the Greater Accra NADMO after Starr News uncovered massive diversion of relief items at the Ga East and Central outfits of the disaster management body last month.

“He was taking some of the relief items to somewhere nobody knows and he was intercepted by the national security people,” a staff of NADMO told Starr News.

The staff alleged that Dramani is known for hoarding relief items and that “after the June 3 disaster he kept the things somewhere and at the Dome office; and he was picking them one after the other. Nobody knows where he sends them and I’m not surprised at all.”

“He claims people are jealous about him and even told us to go and look for such post and get those items. He never gives the items to the disaster victims,” the staff added.

Meanwhile, the Greater Accra Regional Coordinator for NADMO, Daniel Mensah, said his outfit has resolved to investigate the issue further.

source: ghanaweb.com / daily guide

Two dead men defrauded


The Zongo District police in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, are holding a 30-year-old man for allegedly defrauding two bereaved Muslim families of 
GHc 9,600 in what the police see as a new modus operandi by criminals to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

Sadat Mohammed, a teacher, who claimed to be a native of Bawku in the Upper East Region but resides at Tafo Nhyiaeso in Kumasi, purportedly defrauded the bereaved families after convincing them that their relatives owed him before they died.

He is being accused of duping the family of one Gariba of GHc 4,900 and the family of Alhaji Halidu Sulemana, 57, who was shot dead by armed robbers in his house at Adiembra TUC, Kumasi, of GHc 4,700.

The Zongo District police commander, Superintendent Rev. Dr. Nyamkeye Adane-Ameyaw, who briefed DAILY GUIDE on the matter, said the suspect’s posthumous debt claims ought to be thoroughly investigated for the law to deal with him.

He said several people might have suffered a similar fate and appealed to members of the public to report any such incident to the police for further investigations.

The police boss said on August 6, 2015, one Annatumi Gariba lodged a complaint at the police station that Sadat Mohammed had defrauded his family of GHc 4,900 while mourning the death of their relative.

According to the family, shortly after the demise of their kinsman, Sadat approached them with a claim that the departed relative owed him that amount of money being the cost of seven Dell laptop computers he (Sadat Mohammed) had supplied him (deceased) for sale.

After paying the money to him, the family became suspicious and started investigating Sadat’s claim which led them to a witness in the case, Adu Poku Ernest, a teacher at Happy International School at Tafo Nhyiaeso in Kumasi.

Police invited Adu Poku Ernest and in his statement, admitted being approached by the suspect to assist him to retrieve the money from the family. The witness said he was initially reluctant to offer his support until the suspect assured him that there was nothing fraudulent in his claim.

Ernest said he had no idea about Sadat Mohammed’s alleged dishonesty until his (Gariba’s) family alerted him that the claim might not be genuine.

In Alhaji Halidu Sulemana’s family’s case, Sadat allegedly deceived the members into believing that he had given GHc 4,700 to their relative to purchase for him unspecified number of tricycles prior to his death.

Superintendent Rev. Dr. Nyamkeye Adane-Ameyaw said Sadat admitted the offence and pleaded with the police for mercy.

source: ghanaweb.com

100 Business Ideas You Can Start with GHc100 or Less in Ghana


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8. Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards
9. Buy and Sell sachet water (packs)
10. Book editing services
11. Extra classes teacher (home)
12. Running errands  for busy business people
13. Sell foodstuff, from office to office(A busy business area)
14. Polish shoes:  consider from office to office
15. Polish shoes, Sunday mornings or early Monday morning at bus stops
16. Lawn mowing, weeding grass in your neighborhood
17. Wash car for your neighbors/ car washing base
18. Offer home delivery services
19. Shopping for others (Fashion)
20. Customize Dress making
21. Customize shoe making
22. Customize necktie making
23. Customize lady’s accessories
24. Bead making
25. Rearing of Grass cutter
26. Snail farming(repeated)
27. Rearing of Goats for sale
28. Special packaged eggs
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39. Buy and sell fresh Tilapia
40. Speaking business, Offer to speak at programs
41. Business coaching services
42. Prepare and sell pastries
43. Phone repairs
44. Selling customized phone accessories
45. Selling confectioneries
46. Designing of websites
47. Mobile app developer
48. Photo and video editor
49. Audio transcription services
50. Spoken-word artiste
51. Content developer for social media
52. Refuse collector
53. Water-supplier (using Tanks/Trucks)
54. Photographer
55. Typesetting
56. Landscaping
57. Home gardening
58. Fresh fruit Juice maker
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61. Pet Care
62. Disk Jockey
63. House Cleaning
64. Animations
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66. Music Teacher
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68. Blogger
69. Babysitting
70. Tutoring
71. Bartender
72. Recycling pickup
73. Software training
74. Translation
75. Travelling Salon
76. Smartphone repair
77. Contractor connector
78. Produce Buying and Resale/Supply
79. Fruit Supply
80. Shoe-maker
81. Fashion Accessory Business
82. Carpentry
83. Ice Kenkey Vendor
84. Fruit Vendor/Outlet.
85. Direct Sales Marketer.
86. News Article Editor
87. Water Melon Farming
88. Mushroom Farming
89. Bee-Keeping
90. Home Laptop Repair Centre
91. Home Laundry Service Provider
92. Liquid Soap Making Business
93. House-Helps Home Directory Service
94. Leatherworks Accessories.
95. T-Shirt Designs and Embossing
96. Arts and Craft
97. Public Speaker
98. Florist
99. Interior Decor
100. Customized African Slippers
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Retired doctors to replace striking doctors at public hospitals

Retired doctors are likely to replace striking members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) as they prepare to resign as a group on Friday.
One of such retired doctors willing to fill the gap of the agitating GMA members is a former Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Elias Sore.
Dr Sore told Joy News the exigencies of the times at the health front calls for him and other retired doctors to come out of retirement and assist.
“I wouldn’t mind going to a hospital, at all”, he told Joy News.

Health Minister, Alex Segbefia, announced Monday that government has already engaged a number of retired doctors pending the outcome of service conditions negotiations with the GMA.
“The appeal is still open; any of them who are hearing me speak should take up the offer or get in touch with the Director General of the Ghana Health Service. We are willing to use retired doctors to fill in the gaps”, Mr Segbefia had said.Dr Sore said the call by the Health Minister is in the right direction.“I know that what the Ministry is doing is to get people back as soon as possible. But if the Minister has given the go ahead and call people, we have to rally around.“But for me what I am looking at now is to really appeal to my colleagues [striking doctors] that they have gone far enough at this time. Let us pause a little and see how things go,” the retired doctor said.

About 183 network of health facilities that make up the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) are currently struggling to deal with increased patient numbers as the strike by doctors at public hospitals enters week two.

Over 2,000 doctors within the Ghana Medical Association are holding the line to resign masse after Friday August 14, 2015 if demands for their conditions of service are not sorted out by government.
Government and GMA negotiations have broken down at least twice, the recent deadlock happening last Sunday.Government teams are still discussing proposals and counter proposals in respect of the conditions of service document sought by the doctors.


Ayew reveals Gomis talks before Chelsea clash

Andre Ayew Celebrates With Gomis

Ghana ace Andre Ayew has revealed French international ‘talked a lot with him’ before his English Premier League debut at Chelsea on Saturday.

The 25-year-old former Olympique Marseille star marked his Premier League debut with a fabulous stab as he inspired the Swans to hold Chelsea to a 2-2 draw at the Stamford Bridge.

Andre exhibited great composure and tenacity to he applied a scooping stab in a third attempt to beat Courtois in the Chelsea goal to level the scoring for the Welsh side after Brazilian Oscar had struck the opener for the league champions.

The Ghana deputy captain admits it was a tough debut and feels lucky to to have scored on his debut, he reveals the impact of Gomis on his debut.

“This is quite different from the French league. Bafi [Gomis] spoke to me a lot before the game. I will be getting better with few games to come,” he revealed in the post-match interview.

Andre played against Gomis on a number of occasions when the pair were in France with Gomis leading the lines at Olympique Lyon while Andre featured for Marseille.


Visually impaired graduate of UCC accuses Wesley Grammar SHS of bias

A visually impaired graduate of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) is accusing authorities of Wesley Grammar Senior High School in Accra of refusing to accept him as a National Service person due to his disability.
Joshua Addy was posted to the school where he was expected to begin his service in September as a Christian and Religious Studies (CRS) teacher.
But authorities at the school asked him to look elsewhere because they have no need for an extra teacher.
According to Joshua, a colleague from the university who was also posted to the school but does not have any physical impairment has been accepted.
“I met one of my mates and he told me he has been accepted. Signatures and all endorsements required for him to start his service have been concluded but he is not visually impaired”.
He told Joy News’ Kwetey Nartey he was told that the school was overstaffed so they could not accommodate him but he doubts that is the real reason.
Joshua says he believes the school authorities have an “ulterior motive for not accepting my posting”.
He told Kwetey he has called the Executive Director of the National Service Scheme, Dr Michael Whyte Kpessa to inform him about the development.
He said he will also petition the secretariat on what he describes as discrimination against him.
Assistant headmaster of Wesley Grammar SHS Charles Baidoo in a response to these claims explained that the school does not need Mr. Addy’s expertise as a Christian and Religious Studies (CRS) teacher.
He said the school has only one class for religious studies and already has a teacher, so an extra teacher will be unnecessary.
Mr Baidoo added that they had already made a request for physics teacher, lab technician, personnel for purchasing and supply in accordance with their needs. The school did not ask for any CRS teacher and does not need one.

Ghana ranked first in Africa for road safety performance

Ghana has been ranked first among 23 countries in Africa by the Economic Commission of Africa (ECA) for implementing most road safety action plans developed within the framework of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety (Decade) initiative.

This ranking means that at the mid-term of the decade-long global initiative, Ghana is recognized as fully implementing most of its commitments or actions within the context of its national blueprint, the National Road Safety Strategy III (2011-2020) and the African Road Safety Action plans
The ECA in a Mid-term review report released in Addis Ababa sought to assess the extent to which African countries have implemented the African Road Safety Action Plan since its adoption in 2011.
Though progress is being made, performance of the Plan based on five pillars (road safety management; mobility; vehicles; road users; and post-crash response) has been varying with some countries performing well in some pillars but failing in others.

Around 40% of countries are in the process of implementing more road safety management activities and yet more than 30% have not taken significant action to harmonise data formats and use international standards in reporting.
The report encourages countries to invest in research and develop road safety audits while introducing incentives for the importation of newer and safer vehicles and improve traffic education at schools.

Ghana was praised for its efforts at developing a national strategy, the strong coordinating profile of its lead agency the National Road Safety Commission that has led to the avoidance of duplication and waste of scarce resources.

President John Mahama and other high-level officials were commended for their exemplary role in road safety advocacy in Ghana and West Africa.
It is instructive to indicate that, Ghana’s road traffic situation continues to improve over the period with the implementation of the agreed action plans within the framework of NRSSIII.
In 2013 for example, 9200 road traffic crashes were recorded resulting into 12,509 casualties, out of which 1,898 were fatalities.

This represents a 15.27% reduction in Fatalities in 2013 from that of 2012.
Again Provisional data for 2014 also indicates a 2.21% reduction in fatalities from the 2013 situation.
Since 2011, Ghana’s fatality rate (deaths per 10,000 vehicles) continue to post declining levels from 17.94 in 2011 to 14.62 in 2012 and 11.11 in 2013.

In April 2012, Ghana was the only African country invited by the United Nations to share its road safety management approach considered as a model in Africa and developing economies by the United Nations.
The Commission remains encouraged by these recognitions but will remain motivated and focused on our national targets of making Ghana, a country with the safest transportation system in Africa.

source: myjoyonline.com

Parts of Kwame Nkrumah Circle interchange opens to traffic

President John Mahama will open a section of the Kwame Nkrumah interchange, which is still under construction, to traffic Friday morning.

The project which started two years ago has forced the contractor, Queiroz Galvao Construction, to create a number of diversions and relocations to ease the traffic that builds up at the busy area.
The project which costs some 74.88 million Euros is being jointly financed by the Ghana government and credit from Brazil.

Urban Roads Director, Raymond Ahwollu, said the opening of parts of the road will be preceded by a short inspection of ongoing works.
Outstanding work

Mr Gatsiko said work on the third interchange, which will link Ring Road Central to Ring Road West, was far advanced.Work on the loop, which would connect to the interchanges, was also near completion, he said.

He said the outstanding major work was the improvement of the other roads around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.Generally, Mr Gatsiko said, the whole project was about 75 per cent complete, and indicated that work would be completed by the end of December, 2015, or the end of January, 2016.
Workers were seen working on the other components of the project, which included the third interchange and culverts.Circle interchange
President Mahama cut the sod for the construction of the three-tier interchange at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra in October, 2013.
The 74.88 million euro project is being jointly financed with credit from the Brazilian Government and the Ghana Government.Aside from the three-tier interchange, other roads around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle will be improved. These include rehabilitation of the Ring Road East to the Feo Oyo Intersection on the Ring Road West.

The roads will be asphaltic concrete surfaced, with pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths.

source: myjoyonline.com

Doctors in Northern Region defy GMA’s strike directive

Nurses @ OPD

Some doctors in the Northern Region have defied the Ghana Medical Association’s directive to withdraw services at emergency units in public hospitals, beginning today.

The doctors at the Tamale Teaching Hospital say they cannot stand by and watch their patients die.

Joy News' Hashmin Mohammed was at the hospital and reports that management of the hospital is currently in a meeting with the doctors to plead with those who have refused to attend to patients to return to work.

The Association has taken the decision to press home their demands for improved conditions of service.
However, in many hospitals across the country, patients in critical conditions are bearing the brunt of the doctors’ action.

Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor was at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital from where he reports that a woman whom Erastus describes as “weak, pathetic and dying” has been refused treatment.
Also, the mother of a 30-year-old man brought to the hospital in a taxi begged relentlessly for her son to be attended to but to no avail.

Erastus also reports that a diabetic woman who was almost unconscious was also turned away.
He added that although there were about five doctors at the hospital, they all refused to attend to the patients.

According to Erastus, the doctors say they will only attend to patients in the wards.
But at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital, where Joy News’ Francis Abban visited this morning, the family of an old lady counted themselves lucky as their relative was taken in this dawn.

Doctors told the family that the old lady would not have been admitted if it was past 6am.
Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah was at the hospital this afternoon and reports that doctors are still attending to emergency cases.

Source: ghanawec.com

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